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Tallapoosa, GA Homes For Sale


Tallapoosa is one of the smallest cities in the West Georgia area, with population estimated at 3,326 in 2024. Tallapoosa continues to see an influx of new residents of people who are wanting to stay in Georgia, but get further away from Atlanta. It is located on I-20, not too far from Bremen, GA. I have personally helped 3 separate clients do just that in the past few months.

Tallapoosa originally began as a mining town and people referred to the town as Possum Snout. It later got its official name of “Tallapoosa” after the river that runs nearby! To this day, the town keeps the tradition of being the Possum Snout and even hosts an annual New Year’s Eve celebration called the Possum Drop! The Possum Drop has become a pretty celebrated event and even had famous visitors to include Honey Boo Boo and her family!

Tallapoosa offers housing for almost everyone! There are beautiful historic homes downtown, new construction and homes with acreage, just to name a few of the different options.

If you are thinking of making it your home, here are the latest homes for sale in Tallapoosa!

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